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twilight_new_moon_new_pictureBetcha didn’t know this New Moon Trivia…

The Premier of Twilight Saga: New Moon is less than a week away, so to help you survive the next few days we’ll be running New Moon Trivia. Enjoy!

  1. Who is Elizabeth Masen?
  2. What did Edward take when he left Forks?
  3. Who found Bella in the forest?
  4. When is Bella’s birthday?
  5. What did Emmett, Rosalie and Jasper give Bella for her 18th birthday?


  1. Edward’s mother. (New Moon, page 39)
  2. The CD he’d given Bella for her birthday and the photos of him from her scrapbook. (New Moon, page 83)
  3. Sam Uley. (New Moon,  page 75)
  4. September 13th. (New Moon, page 6)
  5. A new stereo for her truck. (New Moon, page 27)

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