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back pain 2Betcha didn’t know…

this simple wake-up trick that soothes your nerves.  For most people, back pain is worse in the morning than at night.  Why?  Extra fluid seeps between your disks while you sleep, and if you twist or bend suddenly upon waking, that fluid puts pressure on the spine’s delicate nerves – almost ensuring that you’ll flinch with pain.

Here’s the solution…Rise slowly and gently.  “First, move to the edge of the bed, roll onto your side and hang your feet off the mattress,” advises back surgeon Neil Kahanovits, M.D., of the Center for Orthopedics in  West Orange, New Jersey.  “Then, use your arms to gently push yourself upright, keeping your back as straight as possible.”  Start today and you could reduce your back pain by 23%, say experts at the Harvard University School of Public Health.
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