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My daughter is getting married in less than two weeks and we are in full bridal mode at our house, meaning we pretty much eat, sleep and breathe all things wedding. This is my first go-round at being mother-of-the-bride (I’ve got 5 daughters) and I’m certainly learning some tips along the way that I’ll share with you over the coming weeks.

We played a really fun and easy game at my daughter’s bridal shower a few months ago, which seemed to be a hit with the guests.

We called it the Best Dressed Bride Game, but it could also be called the Toilet Paper Bridal Gown Game or Design Your Own Bridal Gown Game.

Best Dressed Bride Game


  • toilet paper
  • teams of shower guests


  1. Divide the shower guests into teams of four or five and place teams in separate areas of the room. Give each team several rolls of toilet paper.
  2. Each team selects one person from their team to be the “bride”. They then design a gown for her using only the toilet paper.
  3. Give the teams 10 minutes to finish their designs. Have everyone, except the team “brides”, reassemble for a bridal fashion show.
  4. Have the ‘brides’ walk the runway (if you want to get fancy, play the Bridal March for the show). The real bride will choose the team that has designed the most creative dress.
  5. Have a prize for each member of the winning team.

Here’s our winning bridal gown, complete with toilet paper bouquet and veil…






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