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Over the years, I’ve been known to play some fairly elaborate April Fools’ Day food pranks on my family. It’s almost always at dinnertime, so they have learned to have their guard up and to expect to be pranked with their dinner. (Past successes…Cupcake Dinner Prank and Meatloaf/Cake Dinner Prank)

Last year I decided to mix it up a bit and catch them off guard with a breakfast prank. This one is SUPER easy and only takes a few minutes of setup a day ahead, and then some overnight time in the freezer.

Voila! Behold…

The Frozen Cereal Prank

All you have to do is pour some cereal and milk in a bowl (about halfway full) and put it in the freezer overnight so that it can freeze completely.

The next morning, pull out the frozen bowl and add a little more unfrozen cereal and milk, just enough to cover the top.

Then sit back and enjoy the reactions as the “victim” tries to eat breakfast!

Happy Pranking! Enjoy!

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