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AGTThis week on America’s Got Talent we had another 12 acts vying for five spots: four audience picks and one judges pick.

But first here’s a clip of the first act – Fab Five.  (Sorry about the shaky camera and mysterious cord…it’s the only clip I could find.)

Here are the 12 acts that performed and a synopsis of the judges reactions:

AGT - Fab Five

The show kicks off with the clog-dancing group of sisters, Fab Five. This time, the sisters have fire, costumes and hip-hop music they’re performing to. Piers thinks the group is fabulous, Sharon thinks their performance was a great way to start the show, and David calls the girls the “blazing mamas.”

AGT - Charles

Charles brings out his piano and smile to perform “Just the Two of Us” for the audience. Sharon notes the ladies in the audience love him and thinks Charles is a class act, but wants him to step up his game, David agrees that he wants Charles to play to the audience more and Piers is convinced that Charles can be a major star.

AGT - Carol Loo

Carol Loo hits the stage hoping to recapture some of that glory she had during her audition. This time, Carol has back-up dancers to support her funky moves. Piers pushes his “X” button. David thinks Carol’s energy is great, Piers couldn’t find anything to enjoy about the performance, and Sharon likes Carol’s attitude.

AGT = Tony Hoard & dog Rory

Tony Hoard and his dog, Rory, set their performance to a Baywatch theme, with swimsuit-clad dancers in the background. Rory ends up dropping some of the Frisbees he’s trying to catch and Piers pushes his “X” button. Piers blames Tony’s throwing for Rory missing the Frisbees, Sharon thinks Rory had too many distractions, and David likes the theme of Baywatch in the performance.

AGT - Eleisha Miller

Eleisha Miller is the next performer to hit the stage and she’s armed with back-up dancers and belts out a tune of “I’ve Got The Music in Me.” Piers pushes his “X” button. Sharon liked Eleisha’s dancing but thinks her vocals could use some work, David loves the girl’s energy, and Piers agrees with Sharon’s comments.

AGT - Paradizo Dance

The husband and wife team of Paradizo Dance put on a beautiful show set to dancing and balancing. The audience loves their daring moves and they seal their performance with a kiss. David says the duo have raw talent, Piers thinks their act was incredible and worth a spot in Las Vegas, and Sharon thinks the two are magnificent.

AGT - Texas Tenors

The three cowboys known as The Texas Tenors sing the patriotic song, “God Bless the USA.” Piers thinks their performance was cheesy but understands why the audience likes them, Sharon likes the patriotic theme, and David thinks they need to step up their game.

AGT - SQ Entertainment

The wildcard dance act known as SQ Entertainment is up next. The guys from Boston know they have to prove they belong in the semi-finals, so they bring a story to their dance routine. Sharon thinks their performance was mean but good, David thinks the entertainment was great but the story got confusing, and Piers admits he was wrong the first time he saw them and said he didn’t like them, because he now really enjoys their act.

AGT - Pete Peterkin

The rock and roll President impersonator Pete Peterkin knows he has to turn his act up. He does his President Obama impersonation but then turns the tables and does an impersonation of Jaime Foxx as Ray Charles. David thinks Pete did a good job, Piers thinks the new material was awful and is still confused by the act, and Sharon agreed with Piers.

AGT - Alizma

Alizma, the sister singing group, take the stage. Accompanied by their violins, they sing “Natural Woman.” As soon as the women start hitting the high notes, all three judges push their “X” buttons. Piers thinks their singing caused his eardrums to explode, Sharon is not a fan of the stripper moves and thinks their act is confusing, and David agrees with the other judges.

AGT - Beale Street Flippers
The dance group known as the Beale Street Flippers step up their performance with props and more flips, but Piers pushes his “X” button. Piers admits he was bored, Sharon thinks the guys need more elements in their performance, and David thinks they did a terrific job.

AGT - Voices of Glory

The Voices of Glory sing a beautiful gospel song for the audience. David is floored with their performance and thinks they are fantastic, Piers says the singing was a bit shaky but thinks the real star is Nadia, the little sister on stage, and Sharon tears up and says their group is very special to the show.

And now for this week’s results:

Audience picks -

Fab Five

Texas Tenors

Voices of Glory

Paradizo Dance

Judges Pick –

Tony Hoard and his dog Rory

kate pic~Kate

Enjpu your Coffee Beak!

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