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AGTThis week (8/4 & 8/5) on America’s Got Talent we started on the quarter finals with 12 acts performing, followed by an audience vote.  Five acts survived ( 4 audience selected and 1 judge selected) to move on to the semi-finals.

First a video clip of Thia Megia’s performance this week…

Here are the twelve acts that performed and the judges comments.

AGT - Breaksk8

Breaksk8 hit the stage in hopes of winning America’s vote. The judges want the break-dancers on wheels to prove to them they are worth being in the finals. Piers thinks the skates slowed the whole performance down, Sharon thinks it’s a great way to open the show and David thinks the guys don’t need the flashy dancers. He wants more skating.

AGT - Thia Megia

The next act to hit the stage is 14-year-old singer, Thia Megia, singing “The Climb.” The audience loves the performance. Sharon tells Thia her singing was not disappointing and loves Thia’s maturity and David thinks she nailed her performance.

AGT - Platt Bros

The Platt Brothers take the stage to show off some more of their choreographed dance moves. Piers and David thinks their entire act is confusing, Sharon agrees with both judges that their act was too much. They need to slow it down.

AGT - Diva League

The wildcard act The Diva League know they have to prove to the judges that they are worth being in the competition. Piers pushes his “X” button during their act and finds the whole act disturbing and says they are a group of aging drag queens who can’t dance, Sharon thinks the group are entertaining and David agrees with Sharon.

AGT - Manula Horn

Dominatrix dancer Manuela Horn takes the stage, but this time dressed more like a ’50s housewife and the judges do not like what they see. All three push their “X” buttons. Piers calls her entire act a train wreck; Sharon and David think she shouldn’t have tried to change her appearance so much.

AGT - Grandma Lee

Grandma Lee takes her stand-up comedy to the stage and manages to make David and Piers blush with her acts. David thinks Grandma Lee deserves to be in Las Vegas, Piers loves her confidence and comic timing, and Sharon loves the naughty personality.

AGT - Mosaic

The singing group Mosaic hope their acapella performance of a couple of Stevie Wonder songs will impress the judges and America. The guys get a standing ovation. David loves the way the guys ended their performance, Piers thinks they have the talent but their act will be a tough sale, and Sharon agrees with David and loves the pure vocals.

AGT - Acrodunk

The acrobatic basketball team known as Acrodunk are ready to show the judges even more daring slam-dunk moves than before. David thinks Acrodunk is one of the most extraordinary acts he’s ever seen on the show.

AGT - Arcadian Broad

Arcadian Broad knows he has to give the judges something different than before. He begins his act playing classical music on the piano, then busts into the dance moves he’s known for. David thinks he took over the stage, Piers isn’t a fan of the piano playing but loves the dancing, and Sharon thinks Arcadian is brilliant.

AGT - Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas is ready to impress the judges with more magic. He dedicates his performance to David. Sealing himself in a box titled, “Shipped to The Hoff,” his assistants then reveal that the box is filled with men in their boxers and Drew appears right behind the judges. Piers is left speechless but wants Drew to be a bit more flashy, Sharon thinks the entire act is fantastic, and David thinks Drew can win it all.

AGT - Kevin Skinner

Chicken farmer Kevin Skinner is still stunned he’s on “America’s Got Talent.” Before that, he had never been outside Kentucky. Now, he is ready to make his dreams come true. A very cleaned-up Kevin sings, “To Make You Feel My Love,” for the judges. Sharon loves Kevin’s new look, David loves Kevin’s passion for singing, and Piers says Kevin gave the performance of the night.

AGT - Lake Houston Dance

Another wildcard act, Lake Houston Dance, are back from Texas in hopes of winning over the judges with more dancing, this time set to a slumber party. David is so happy to have the girls back on the show and likes the fun act, Piers thinks they weren’t as good as their first audition, and Sharon thinks there are too many of the girls on stage but loves that they are having fun.

And the acts that moved on to the semi-finals are…

Audience choices:


Drew Thomas Magic

Kevin Skinner

Grandma Lee

Judges Choice:

Arcadian Broad

You’ll notice there’s no Thia Megia on the list.  Personally, I think she’s amazing and should have been in the top 5.

Next week, another 12 to whittle down to 5.

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