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Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakquel (2009) movie reviews by Kate.
Reel reviews for real people.

Rating: PG for some mild rude humor

Genre: Children

Plot: Pop sensations Alvin, Simon and Theodore end up in the care of Dave Seville’s twenty-something nephew Toby (Levi). The boys must put aside music superstardom to return to school, and are tasked with saving the school’s music program by winning the $25,000 prize in a battle of the bands. But the Chipmunks unexpectedly meet their match in three singing chipmunks known as The Chipettes -– Brittany, Eleanor and Jeanette. Romantic and musical sparks are ignited when the Chipmunks and Chipettes square off. Written by 20th Century Fox

Starring: Zachary Levi, David Cross, Jason Lee, Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, Amy Peohler, Anna Faris, Christina Applegate

Director: Betty Thomas

Running Time: 1:28

Kate says: 1 1/2 stars ” I took my 9 year old son  (who should fit nicely into the target audience demographics for this movie) on Christmas afternoon, for an hour and a half of relaxation after a busy and wonderful Christmas morning.  His response -” Wow, mom. That wasn’t a very good movie, was it? I mean it was kind of cute, but it was just missing something. Like the story was just dumb.” Well, there is is in a nutshell, from the mouth of a nine year old boy.  And might I add, it’s VERY squeaky, too squeaky, irritatingly squeaky.. Also, here’s a ‘What was the director thinking?’ tidbit – why hire known actors to voice the Chipmunks and Chipettes? (ie: Long, Applegate, Faris, Poehler, McCartney) when the voices are un-recognizable? Why not spend the money on something else, like say, a better script maybe?”

Roger Moore (Orlando Sentinel) says: 1 star “Whatever slim charms there were in the nostalgic, musically cute and slapstick-friendly first film of chipmunk mania are squished right out of The Squeakquel like so much rodent roadkill.” (read full review)

Eric Snider says: D “Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakquel is as bad as the title implies. Being aimed at children isn’t a valid excuse for a movie to be simple-minded and illogical.” (read his totally hilarious full review)

Kyle Smith (New York Post) says: 2 stars “It’s far from the most unpleasant kiddie flick I’ve sat through this year, although I would be misleading you if I promised you lots of laughs.” (read full review)

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