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Winger’s Sticky Fingers are my all time favorite ‘goin’-out-to-eat’ food. No joke, I could eat sticky fingers every week, heck, probably two times a week, if I’m completely honest with you.

Since eating out at Winger’s every week could get a little pricey, I’ve come up with a solution that can tide me over in between visits.

(Almost) Winger’s Sticky Fingers


1 bag frozen pre-cooked and breaded chicken strips (The crunchy or Southern style strips work best,)

6 Tbsp. Frank’s Original Hot Sauce (No substitutes. It must be Frank’s brand if you want it to truly taste like Winger’s Amazing Sauce. Frank’s Hot Sauce can be bought at Wal-Mart.)

1 1/2 c. brown sugar

Ranch Dressing (Buttermilk Hidden Valley mix works the best)


1. Bake chicken strips according to package directions.

2. While chicken is cooking, mix up the Frank’s Hot Sauce and brown sugar in sauce pan and heat thoroughly,  dissolving sugar. If mixture seems too thick, just add a few tsp. of water.

3. Put cooked chicken strips in large bowl and pour sauce over the top, stirring to coat completely.

Serve with Ranch dressing or even better, mix a little of the sauce into the ranch and you’ve got a homemade version of Winger’s Creamy Amazing Sauce.

I think you’ll be shocked at how much these sticky fingers taste like the real thing!


Enjoy your Coffee Break!

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