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Rating: PG-13 for intense disaster sequences and some language

Genre: Action/Adventure

Starring: John Cusack, Chjwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt

Director: Roland Emmerich

Plot: Roland Emmerich has given movie watchers several apocalyptic films in the past in Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, and he offers another look at the end of the world in 2012. This action film stars John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Amanda Peet.

Running Time: 2:38

Kate says: 3 1/2 stars ” Let me start off by telling you that I am not a big fan of disaster movies and if I wasn’t reviewing 2012, I probably wouldn’t have seen it.  That being said, let me also tell you that if you ARE a fan of disaster movies, you are going to LOVE this one.  The special effects and  disaster scenes are unbelievably amazing.  A completely action-packed 2:40 minutes, including the destruction of  the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge , Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, and the Christus in Brazil.  Don’t take the small ones, though. Much to disturbing.”

Ebert says: 3 1/3 stars ” This is fun. “2012” delivers what it promises, and since no sentient being will buy a ticket expecting anything else, it will be, for its audiences, one of the most satisfactory films of the year. It even has real actors in it. Like all the best disaster movies. You think you’ve seen end-of-the-world movies? This one ends the world, stomps on it, grinds it up and spits it out.” (read full review)

Eric Snider says: C+” A very long, very loud, and very stupid disaster flick that apparently accomplishes what it set out to do, which was to be long, loud, and stupid.” (read full review)

Rotten Tomatoes says:  32% “Consensus: Roland Emmerich’s 2012 provides plenty of visual thrills, but lacks a strong enough script to support its massive scope and inflated length.”

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