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Guess the Celebrity Bride – Kate’s Escapades

After all these years of motherhood (we won’t go into exactly how many, but let’s just say it’s quite a few) I am about to take on a new title, ‘Mother-of-the-Bride.’  Pretty exciting. Pretty daunting. So this evening, four of my daughters and I are hosting a ‘Garden Tea Party’ bridal shower for the lucky bride-to-be. We’ve come up with a really fun game to play at the shower that’s a little different than the usual standard bridal shower party game. Guess the Celebrity Bride Game Supplies: Bridal Magazines Magazines with celebrity pictures (like People, US, Entertainment Weekly) Scrapbook paper Glue Scissors Paper and pencils for the bridal shower guests Directions: For me, making this game was ridiculous amounts of fun. When you take a look at the “Celebrity Brides” we came up with, I think you’ll see why. 1. Look through …

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