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American Idol Top 13 – Kate’s Escapades

I’ve been biting my tongue for the past few weeks, just chomping at the bit trying to keep myself patient enough to refrain from writing an American Idol post until we get down to the actual final contestants.  I love this show. This season rocks with the addition of Steven Tyler ahhhhh!…                   and Miss Jenny from the block. (Not my block, mind you.  The people on my block wear cowboy boots…or camo…or more often than not, it’s cowboy boots AND camo, which is a stunning look, trust me. But someone’s block, like maybe Beyonce’s block where people have perfect hair, makeup and bodies. Yeah, THAT block.) This season, I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. me some American Idol.  Without further ado, here are America’s Top 13 contestants (10 picks from the audience vote, …

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Liz’s rant: Musical houses

Remember some time back when the best neighbors in the whole wide world put their house on the market? Well, I innocently enough assumed that once the For Sale sign came down and they started talks of building outward and upward that I was out of the woods. Neighbors forever, if you will. But a funny thing happened several weeks ago. Hannah  and I were minding our own business when Summer came over to announce that they’d purchased a house. What?!?! I thought you weren’t leaving me!! I thought we had a deal, here!! Then she made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. With that said, we made plans. I’d move to their house, and they’d move to their new house, which is thankfully in walking distance but still not quite … Read entire article »

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Help me name a haunted house!

I am doing some market research for a friend who is opening a haunted house. Could you please help me out by taking a moment to answer a few multiple choice questions? It’ll take about 2 minutes, and it’s completely painless,I promise! Thank you for taking the time to help me with this poll. I’ll be sending some good karma your way!     … Read entire article »

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Kate’s Oscar Wrap-Up

The 83rd Academy Awards were held Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. I love the movies. I love the celebrities. I love the glitz and glam. Suffice it to say, Oscar night is one of my favorite nights of the year. I’ve got all of this year’s Oscar winners here for you, but first, a few of my own bests and worsts of the night. Most Heartfelt Acceptance Speech- Natalie Portman Best/Worst White Trash Moment - Melissa Leo (Proving  the actress didn’t have to stretch too far to play her role as boxing mother/manager, Alice Ward.) Most Awkward Moment - Any time Hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco were on stage I was soooo hoping for the best with these two “younger” hosts, but feared the worst. Anne tried too hard with her overly bubbly, hyper approach, which just became annoying … Read entire article »

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