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Kate’s Escapades – Can you say “procrastination”?

Are you feeling drained from the holiday break? Suffering from a bit of post Christmas letdown? Looking for a reason to procrastinate taking down the tree for one more day? Well, if this describes you, then by golly, you’ve come to the right spot today. I’ve got psychology tests and surveys galore for your dawdling pleasure. All of these tests come courtesy of Dr. Alan Hirsch, a researcher at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. He’s also the author of several popular books on the subjects of scents and smell. Enjoy putting off for one more day all thse things you just don’t feel like tackling. You’re welcome. Psychology Tests and Surveys Explore your Memory Stretch your memory with fun challenges designed by experts. Duration: 20 minutes Art and Personality Is there a connection between … prednisone withdrawal symptoms

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short essay on a visit to a historical place mohenjo daro

So I found myself in an office supply store, recently, looking for the perfect pages for my planner. Again. Because that’s what I do every year after Christmas. Sometimes, I wonder why I put myself through it. Because, quite frankly, there is no perfect planner out there. Oh, sure, I’m a big fan of Franklin Covey, but at the beginning of every year, no matter how many planners I look at, I still come away somehow unsatisfied. I know I’m not alone, based on the number of customers in the store, in the same aisle, staring at the same planners, and reacting as I was: Pick one up, look through it. Put it down, pick up another one. And so it continued. Not only at one office supply store, but at every one I visited … Read entire article »

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Liz’s rant: Walking tall in winter weather

It’s been more than a month, now, since I blew out my knee on my icy street. Between you and me, my knee still hurts. In fact, it’s still quite swollen and has caused me to tone down my training at Operation Athlete. Needless to say, my knee is on my last nerve. And considering the fact that we’ve had snow and ice on the roads more days than not over the past month or so – and considering that today is the second snow day this week – I figure we could use all the help we can get when it comes to getting around in this stuff. To that end, I thought I’d share some tips for walking in the snow and ice – without breaking a leg! Toss your purse, … Read entire article »

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