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Liz’s rant: The numbers game

I realize that as you read this, blood may very well shoot out of your eyes. But in the interest of getting the word out on what I’ve come to refer to as “bubble math,” I can’t help it. At this point, I can’t even muster a “sorry about the bloody eye thing.” It started innocently enough last week, during a routine homework assignment. But as I would learn, things were about to take a spiral into the abyss I will simply refer to as the numbers game. They call it mental math. I call it insane. This new mental math takes, for example, this scenario: 93-42. (It always starts so innocently, doesn’t it?) First you subtract the numbers in the 10s spot, leaving you with 5,  then you subtract the number in … flagyl online overnight

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Get your party on: 10/3-10/9

Remember years ago when CB radios were all the rage? I begged my parents to get one – to no avail. Yep, I’m probably scarred for life over this one, especially on Oct. 4, the date deemed 10-4 Day. I did have a Nextel push-to-talk at one point. It was the preferred method of communication at one of the newspapers I worked for. We 10-4’d and 10-20’d each other a lot back then. “What’s your 20?” was probably my favorite line. I have to admit, though, that the little beeping noise got really old, really fast. Obviously, this holiday is getting really old, really fast, too.  And to tell you the truth, I have no idea why 10-4 is a holiday. But it is. Let’s move on. National Frappe  Day is Oct. 4 … Read entire article »

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