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essay on my goals in life

palooza1Those of us who boast fairly rebellious natures can relate to the theory that when something is deemed appropriate or acceptable, that something tends to lose its appeal. For example, today, March 22,  is International Goof-off Day.

When you see the word “National” or “International” preceding the holiday itself, it’s, shall we say, a bigger deal than those holidays that stand on their own, like As Young as You Feel Day (which is today as well).

Anywho, my point is that since someone declared, and people agreed, on an international level that March 22 is a day to goof-off, my first inclination is that I have work to do! No time for goofing off, today. Maybe I’ll goof off tomorrow, though, when I suspect it will be a bit less acceptable. But do as you will, goof off if you’d like. Today, the mantra is acceptable world-wide.

Did I mention I feel about 35 today?

Monday is Near Miss Day. The first thing that comes to mind is me, a dartboard, and a handful of darts. I’m betting every attempt to hit the bulls eye would be a near miss.  For purposes of public safety, I remind you not to celebrate this day in your car, seeing how many other vehicles you can “almost hit.”

March 24 is National Chocolate-covered Raisins Day, with Pecan Day falling right on its heels on March 25. This is where I’d like to point out just how flexible I think these holidays can be.

I don’t like raisins, but I do like pecans, so here’s my two-fold plan. I’ll suck the chocolate off of some Raisinets, toss the raisins into the trash and wash the chocolate down with a hand-ful of pecans, thus celebrating two holidays at once.

Should you choose to follow my lead, remember that my methods will need to be followed on both days for maximum impact.  Please don’t attempt to shortcut this by buying chocolate-covered pecans. It won’t work. Plus which, I think they get their own holiday in the near future. So stick to the rules on this one, people.

March 26 is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. This sounds way to easy. Imagine you decided you’d make this All My Wishes Come True Day. And these holiday elves make good on it, but get your wishes mixed up with your dog’s wishes. Next thing you know, a semi-truck pulls up and delivers a thousand cases of dog bones and a few cats for chasing.

You might reason that if you get the dog’s wishes, then the dog should get your wishes. Then you could swap with the dog. No dice. The dog doesn’t know it’s Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

We’ll wrap up the week with March 28, which, conveniently enough, happens to be my birthday. I think I’ll celebrate As Young as You Feel Day again…

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